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Company Features

Date:2011年6月28日 09:15

Sales Advantages:
  1.New Product Development (Design) Advantages: The company is definitely targeted at the global market. Its designers pay attention to the latest fashionable changes nowadays from the angle of international view and design hair styles according to market orientation. Through many years of experience and constant innovation, it ensures that its products always are at the most significant end.
  2.Price and Productivity Advantages: Located in Mainland China, it enjoys rich human resources and material resources, which ensure that its products have competitive price. Moreover, it ranks among the international forefront in terms of productivity.
  3.Logistics Advantages: The company is located in Zhuhai City, adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao, Shenzhen City and Guangzhou City, which provides convenient global maritime and air transport and ensures that its products accurately and timely arrive in places appointed by customers.
  4.Auxiliary Facility Advantages: The company, with an annual productivity of 3 million pieces, can process various auxiliary products and provide packaging and printing service, fully meeting unique requirements of customers.
  5. With an independent printing department, it can design individual brands and packaging according to different requirements of customers.


Cooperative Projects:
  The company is mainly engaged in processing of supplied materials. It produces different wigs (human hair/fiber hair), accessories (human hair/fiber hair) and related auxiliary products in batches for customers.


Main Mode of Cooperation:
  1. Processing according to customers’ samples (the company produces products according to customers’ samples)
  2. Placing Orders according to Samples (the company places orders according to its product styles appointed by customers)
  3. Design for Customers (the company manufactures products according to design or photos of customers)


  Welcome to contact us. We make promises that we will provide customers with high-quality products and supreme service! We will make efforts for building good cooperative relations and realizing reciprocity!

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